Well implemented bookkeeping solutions require a true understanding of the client’s needs. Our hands-on, collaborative approach allows us to build synergistic relationships with all of our clients. By working closely with our clients, their team members and their accountants, we enhance their financial tracking capabilities and simplify how they do business.

Tracking, Reconciliation, and Expenses

The precise tracking and entry of all financial transactions to properly reconcile bank accounts and credit card expenses is an integral aspect of running a successful business. Focal Point meticulously monitors our clients’ transactions, providing them with the peace of mind in the knowledge that their financial records are always up to date.



Payroll processes vary depending on the type of business you run. Are your employees salaried, paid hourly, or does your team have a mix of both? Is your team entitled to benefits? All of this information factors into your business’s customized payroll process. Focal Point can handle your payroll processing services, HR Compliance, pension contributions and adapt to your business model.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Accurately tracking the expenses associated with bill payments can be an extremely tedious process. Focal Points will maintain payables, bills payments and job costing based on your business needs.



Our bookkeepers have the capacity to accurately track revenue for a variety of categories and customer types. We account for the nuances of every industry, providing our clients with reports containing all necessary revenue details. Whether you bill by the hour, charge a flat rate, or use a subscription-based model, Focal Point Bookkeeping has you covered. We also support sales tax reporting and can submit reports on your behalf.

Investment Tracking & Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports are prepared to allow your financial data to be presented in a way that makes the most sense to you.

We can develop ad hoc reports including transaction details that are customized and maintained to our clients’ specifications. As your business grows and adapts to industry trends and other outside factors, our reporting methods grow and adapt accordingly. We pride ourselves in maintaining continuity with our clients, ensuring our reporting is benefitting you and your advisors.

The Focal Point Difference

At Focal Point Bookkeeping, we are considered to be an integral part of our clients team and staff. We maintain an open door policy and can create customized bookkeeping services that cater specifically to your business.